Here are some additional resources that will be helpful for those who are serious about learning PLCs and industrial automation. Note, some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that I will get a commission if you buy through my links posted below 🙂


If you want a textbook that really dives deep into the details of PLC programming, see my recommendations below.

This book was written by one of my professors at Missouri University of Science & Technology, Kelvin Erickson. He was great teacher and a really nice guy. This book covers the major PLC brands: Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Modicon and GE Fanuc. It is VERY detailed and not for the faint of heart, but this a very useful book overall. If you really want to master PLCs and have serious drive, check out this book!

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This book was also written by Kelvin Erickson. I have not used it personally but it is very similar to the one I used in my course EXCEPT it is focused on Allen-Bradley PLCs only and thus smaller 🙂

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This is another book that I have not used personally but a coworker of mine highly recommends it. He let me look through it and I have to say that I do enjoy all the colorful pictures and graphics which are really helpful for visual learners like myself! This one also has a lot of great reviews on Amazon.

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The best way to learn PLCs is to actually do some programming. Having a real PLC to program on is ideal so that you can experience first-hand how input and output devices interface with the PLC and how they interface with your programs. My friends at have a great selection of PLC trainer kits, and PLC communication cables as well. I highly recommend checking out there stuff!