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Attention electricians, technicians and engineers...

...if I offered to help you become totally confident with PLC programming and troubleshooting:

  • So you can upgrade your career into controls & automation and increase your income by $15-$35k...

  • Without you needing to purchase PLC hardware OR software

  • Without you needing to take time off work

  • Within the next 6 months

...would you take me up on it?

Click below to learn more and see if you're a good fit to work with us to upgrade your career into controls & automation along with a $15-$35k pay increase.

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Thanks for your interest in our PLC training & coaching program.

If you want to work closely with us help to get to your goal of upgrading your career into PLC programming/industrial automation ASAP, this is THE program for you. Click here to watch the presentation to learn more about this opportunity.

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