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Where electricians, technicians and engineers become confident PLC programmers.


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You're an electrician, technician or engineer...

  • You want to improve your career with automation skills.

  • You want to make yourself a more valuable asset at your job with PLC knowledge.

  • You want professional support to help you quickly get confident with PLC automation.

  • You want to get confident with programming or troubleshooting PLCs.

If so, you’re in the right place. 

I’m sure you know by now that PLC programming skills are really important if you want move your career into the “industrial automation” direction.

You also probably know, that getting PLC skills can be really expensive and time consuming. And YouTube is a great free resource to learn PLCs, but you can only get so far with random free videos. Also, YouTube videos don’t give you software to practice programming PLCs.

Well we have created a shortcut around those hurdles.

We created myPLCtraining Academy to help regular electricians, technicians and engineers get confident with PLCs so they can improve their careers and become confident automation professionals, without: 

  • spending thousands of dollars on a 1-week vendor class or travelling to college classes
  • without having to spend a dime on PLC hardware or even software

Here's How it Works...

myPLCtraining Academy is a membership site that gets you access to our PLC and HMI courses, support from our team, access to a community of fellow electricians, techs and engineers on their industrial automation journey and lastly access to all the Rockwell software you need to get confident with Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI programming.


Learn PLC programming/ troubleshooting and HMI design. Including courses on Studio 5000 and FactoryTalk View.


Get all your course-related questions by our support team and fellow students - usually answered within 24 hrs.


Connect with other electricians, technicians and engineers as you become automation pros together.


Get access to our software licenses and files for Studio 5000 Logix Designer and Emulate and FactoryTalk View Studio.

Become a Confident Automation Pro

Join myPLCtraining Academy, where electricians, technicians and engineers become a confident automation professionals. The courses, support, community and software are just a few clicks away. Click below to get started today.


Here's What You Get When You Join...

Let's break down the different tools we use to help you become a confident PLC programmer and confident automation pro.


The Confident PLC Programmer Method - this is our beginner to intermediate PLC programming course. This takes you from total newbie to confident Allen-Bradley programmer. You’ll learn things like the basics of PLCs, controller, discrete and analog inputs and outputs. Creating Ladder Logic in RSLogix Micro and Studio 5000. Setting up a Studio 5000 Logix Designer project from scratch, connect your computer to a Allen-Braldey PLC, basics of Structured text and much more.

The Confident HMI Designer  Method - this is where you’ll learn how to design and program HMI screens using FactoryTalk View software. And we are actually working on updating and improving this course right now. In this course you’ll learn things like connecting your HMI to a PLC controller, creating HMI push buttons, numeric displays, animated graphics, and a lot more.

The Programming Challenge - in this course you’ll build on what you learned in the Confident PLC programmer Method to test your skills at creating PLC programs from scratch and testing them with simulator logic.

The Structured Text Course - in this course you’ll build on what you learned in the CPP Method by learning to create Structured Text programs in Studio 5000. We go over all the math, compare, timer and counter instructions plus IF...THEN...ELSE constructs, FOR Loops, using arrays and more!

And we have even more courses scheduled for the near future. Including courses on Function Block programming and Connected Components Workbench. The future is looking bright.

Support & Community

The support & community are together here because they both happen in the same place. That is in a forum inside the members area where you can ask me and the support team questions about the courses. Usually you can expect a response within 24 hours which ridiculously good if you ask me 😉.

We make it hard for you to fail.


Lastly we have software. This alone makes the price of the Academy absolutely a no-brainer.

We give you access to our licenses for Studio 5000 Logix Designer and Logix Emulate which would normally cost you thousands of dollars, but you get it for free with your membership to the Academy. Also we give you access to other free Rockwell software including RSLogix Micro, RSLogix Emulate 500, RSLinx Classic Lite, and FactoryTalk View Studio in demo mode.

With these software tools installed on your computer, the sky is the limit.

Hi! My name is Stephen Gates, the founder of and the Academy. I'm glad you're here.

My goal is simple:

Help electricians, technicians and engineers get confident with PLCs and automation so they can improve their careers, their companies and the world.

Since 2016, we've helped hundreds of regular people from all over the world get confident with PLC programming, and we would love to help you too.

We love what we do and who we serve. I hope you'll join us and see how we can help you get confident with PLC automation.

Become a Confident Automation Pro

Join myPLCtraining Academy, where electricians, technicians and engineers become a confident automation professionals. The courses, support, community and software are just a few clicks away. Click below to get started today.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Our Students Are Saying


“My biggest win was getting a job” - Trenton S (Project Manager)


“Personally my career has been advanced by, kind of, reinforcing knowledge that I've had before that I haven't used in quite a while.” - Brad R (Regional Electrical Manager)


“After I finished the first part of the course, I went and talked to my current supervisor and we sat down and we are working towards opening a position for me to move up and advance my career” - Rick B (Electrical Tech)

"...$30k salary increase"

“I’ve been in the industrial automation sector for 8 years now as an electrical and instrumentation specialist and have always wanted to advance into learning programming, well thanks to my online plc training I have gotten the and continue to get the education necessary to do just that in the new job I’ve accepted as a controls engineer, which includes $30K salary increase."

"This training program is well worth the inexpensive cost and allows me to work at a pace that fits my schedule.

Again, I would gladly recommend this program to any electricians looking to get into the PLC programming role or into industrial automation."

"I want to thank Stephen for putting this great course together cause it has really helped me move forward with my career.

I want to let you know I start a new job tomorrow. I was offered the opportunity to start programming. Your course has really helped me."

"The Confident PLC Programmer course helped me make the move from process engineer to automation engineer. This course gave me a basic understanding of PLC hardware, ladder logic programming, and PLC networking.

The knowledge was beneficial during job interviews and helped me to hit the ground running in a new position. I would recommend this course to any individual who is motivated to build skills in PLC programming and troubleshooting."

"This class has been extremely helpful in helping me learn and understand the full automation setup. The videos are well organized and you do a great job at explaining what we are learning. I feel confident in the coding part, but I was unsure how to connect sensors to the computer, until this class.

The challenges are extremely helpful to make us think about more complexe, real life examples that we have to work through.

Thank you, this class has helped a lot!"

"I'm really glad that I decided to take BCPP from It not only gave me some confidence in programming but it helped me get a job doing programming. That makes the days not drag on like they used to. It was a great course that hit on a lot of the things that I am now working with."

"myPLCtraining Academy played a key role in helping me land my dream job.

The clear instructions and bite-sized lessons not only helped me to quickly learn to read and write in Allen-Bradley PLCs, but also renewed my confidence to continue to pursue an engineering career."

"With a little more than an hour a night, I finished the class and have been able to immediately apply what I have learned. The course was easy to follow and broke down the information into easily digestible portions. I am making headway on my projects, and I have more value to my company with only a few hours worth of commitment.

Thank you for providing this service to the industry at such an affordable price."

"The Ladder Logic Foundations course was a good place to start because you get hands on experience with the software, and when you screw it up there is help available to get you back on track."

"By far, the best PLC training that I have been involved with. It is an interactive training course. I enjoyed this training and if I ever have a question as I go through the lessons, the instructor and gives me an answer and offer pointers.

I don't regret joining this PLC training. Try and see for yourself..."

"The course material is, without doubt, some of the highest quality that I have seen..even for courses that cost 10x more. The course also had a very personal touch with great customer service and a rapid response to all those who were asking questions as they progressed through the course.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone beginning their PLC programming career as it's an ideal starting point."

“The training has been helpful to me, it has been a confidence booster, now I can interact with system integrators and understand whats going on in our plant. I can write simple programs or edit and I am still learning which is great.”

"Through this course I have gained courage, interest, confidence and motivation in troubleshooting and maintaining programmable controllers.

I  flew to lndia where l got a new job with a manufacturing company with good exposure in automation, precisely Universal Robots for case-packing and with Allen-Bradley and Powerflex for packaging solutions in machines.

The training l did with you on becoming a confident plc programmer gave me an upper hand in this opportunity.

Thanks a million for all your efforts in this."

"Now I know how to:

  • Set up the communications between the PLC and the programming software.
  • Edit a program by adding or deleting rungs and instructions.
  • Test a program by downloading to the emulator and running it as in a real environment.

Stephen shows that he cares about each student, by providing resources to track the material learning and understanding. However, your success depends on your own effort and dedication.

At the beginning, I hesitated enrolling in the PLC Training Academy, now I understand it is worth every penny. I recommend it."

"Your course has been great. I have almost completed the foundations and have learned a great deal since I began.

My experience with this training has been truly amazing. The way the course has been set up from learning the basics, all the way to practicing and building to more advanced techniques has been an excellent way of instilling understanding and confidence. I look forward to continuing and completing the course. May your business continue to be successful and thriving in helping others like myself!”

"I have been looking for a PLC programming course for a while now. I came across this course and it immediately caught my attention because it is the only one that I found that I was going to be able to use Studio 5000.

I couldn’t believe how cheap this course was compared to others, and I thought, what do I have to lose. I was blown away, and this course far exceeded my expectations.

Any questions that I had were answered in a timely manner, and I have already recommended this course to a few people. You will not find another course as good, or as cheap as this. Thank you Stephen for putting this together! "

"So far this course has been very helpful. Just wanted to thanks again. This makes it very easy to follow and understand."

"So far, I have gained a better understanding of what characters are needed in the program and why.

Just started the second phase with addressing tags in 5000 and I may have to go through the work a couple of times to make sure I have a solid understanding. This is why I enjoy learning from the videos because I can re-watch them in case something was missed. You do a fabulous job explaining the steps.

Looking forward to being able to create my own program and learning to troubleshoot.

This program has been well worth the price."


Become a Confident Automation Pro

Join myPLCtraining Academy, where electricians, technicians and engineers become a confident automation professionals. The courses, support, community and software are just a few clicks away. Click below to get started today.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We almost never get refund requests because people love this training so much, but just to put your mind at ease...the risk is on us. 

If you're not happy with the Academy, send an email to [email protected] within 30 days of enrolling and you'll get 100% of your money back, no hassle.

Get Started Today

What could your life look in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months if you got serious about getting confident with PLC programming and HMI design now? 

Promotion? New job? Better pay? Less back-breaking work? More confidence and fun at work? 

In 6 months, you will wish you had started today.

To get started, just click the JOIN TODAY button below and enter your contact and payment info. We are ready and excited to help you become a confident automation pro.

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Membership Options

Basic Membership Includes...

  • The Confident PLC Programmer Method Course (Certificate of Completion Available)
  • The Confident HMI Designer Method Course (Certificate of Completion Available)
  • Structured Text Course (Certificate of Completion Available)
  • PLC Programming Challenge Course (6 challenges with included simulation PLC logic and HMI screens)
  • Access to our Rockwell Software Licenses for Studio 5000 (huge value!)
  • Free access to Studio 5000 Logix Designer, Logix Emulate, FactoryTalk View Studio, RSLogix Micro, RSLinx
  • Personal support from Stephen Gates and his team (get every question answered with 24-48 hours)
  • Recorded live Q&A Sessions
  • Cancel anytime
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee