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What We Do

We created myPLCtraining.com to help electricians, technicians and engineers learn about PLC programming and industrial automation. 

We work hard to provide QUALITY free and paid content that will help you achieve your industrial automation goals.

Our goal is simple:

Help electricians, technicians and engineers get confident with PLCs and automation so they can improve their careers, their companies and the world.

Who We Are.

I (Stephen) graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Since graduation, I have worked as an engineer at small family-owned electrical switchgear business.

One of my main responsibilities has been to program industrial automation devices (mostly PLCs) to automate switchgear, generators and substation switches. It has been a very fulfilling career with lots of challenges and opportunities to learn and help customers with unique problems. Recently, I received my Professional Engineer's License in Nebraska.

When I'm not working, I love hanging out with my wife and other family and friends. I'm a Bible-Believing Christian and music-lover.

We really appreciate you stopping myPLCtraining.com and hope that you'll let us help you become a confident automation professional.

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If you're new to PLCs, this short guide will get you familiar with 3 things you MUST understand first to get confident with PLCs.

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