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We help electricians, technicians and engineers learn PLCs and industrial automation skills so they can improve their careers, their companies and the world.

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Kevin Naylor, Electrical Specialist (now Controls Engineer)

"...well thanks to myplctraining I have gotten the and continue to get the education necessary to do just that in the new job I’ve accepted as a controls engineer, which includes $30K salary increase.”

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Brandon Slate, Technician

"The course was easy to follow and broke down the information into easily digestible portions.  I am making headway on my projects, and I have more value to my company with only a few hours worth of commitment."

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Nick Pfeiffer, Electrical Engineer

"I succeeded in changing fields in my career and am happily employed as an Electrical Engineer, something I know I would not have been able to accomplish without myPLCtraining Academy's help."

Helping Motivated Electricians, Techs and Engineers Improve Their Careers...

What if you could advance your career as an electrician or technician in the next 12 months by learning PLCs in your spare time? 

As you know, automation continues to grow daily and those who want their careers to grow with it, need to be able to maintain and even develop those automation systems. is dedicated to helping motivated electricians and technicians advance their skills with our PLC and automation training resources that can produce serious career-altering results and make you a better asset to your employer (or open more doors to work for other companies). 

This is not PLC training for advanced programmers. We start with the extreme basics of automation and PLCs and help you lay a solid foundation of knowledge before building on top of it with more advanced PLC programming skills.

Ready to start learning PLCs so you can advance your skills and career? 

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If you're new to PLCs, this short guide will get you familiar with 3 things you MUST understand first to get confident with PLCs.

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