Programming and Automation Made Easy: A myPLCtraining Academy Success Story

May 16, 2023

myPLCtraining Academy Customer Success Story: Brad Redden

“myPLCtraining Academy is the best value training I have found for programming and automation. Now myself and the guys that I work with are officially trained and have proven knowledge.”


Brad’s Results

  • Officially training in PLCs
  • Has a training solution for his team
  • Saved money over traditional options
  • Easy access to reference material


How myPLCtraining Academy helped Brad to update his knowledge on PLC’s and train his team

  • Courses that teach from first principles
  • Highly responsive support team
  • Access to relevant software licenses
  • The ability to connect with other technicians in an online community


What were your biggest challenges before myPLCtraining Academy?

My name is Brad Redden, and I am a regional electrical manager. I am in charge of all automation and electrical projects for my company. 

I found myPLCtraining whilst searching for a wide ranging training solution for an entry level programmer. The challenge was that the available training is usually very expensive for individuals or even companies.

 When you can afford it, sometimes the training is held in another city, so then you have to travel. Before I found myPLCtraining, training was done by word of mouth or osmosis. 

Guys in the field would share what they have learned from experience with each other. That is a good way to team build and strengthen comradery, but we wanted a good foundation of knowledge.


How did the training by myPLCtraining Academy boost your confidence with PLC’s?

myPLCtraining lays out their knowledge and principles in a very logical way, starting from the very beginning. They even include things that are nice to know, but do not impact the job, like the history of PLC programming. 

You get an initial kernel of knowledge and then you build on it as you move through the course. Eventually you get to the goal, which is to write a program and potentially put it in service on a factory floor. 


What positive results have you achieved since using the myPLCtraining Academy?

Personally, my career has advanced as a result of the myPLCtraining Academy. It has reinforced knowledge that I had before, but have not used in quite a while. 

There are several different platforms of PLCs out there. Like anything else, if you don't use it, you lose it and your skills degrade over time. 


I use myPLCtraining to bolster the skills I already have. They are continually putting together new lessons. I have gained new skills by learning new programming languages and working with newer versions of HMI platforms.


Is myPLCtraining Academy worth the investment?

There is no question, myPLCtraining Academy is definitely worth the investment. It is only about 1% of the cost of your typical automation training class that's put on by a vendor. 

They just had a lifetime membership offer. Whether you need training for a month, a year, or an indefinite period, it is a great deal.

When comparing myPLCtraining Academy to traditional training offers, we are talking the difference between a few dollars or many thousands of dollars to get pretty much the same information. 


Would you recommend myPLCtraining Academy?

I have already recommended myPLCtraining Academy to anyone I know in the industry, or people who are trying to break into the industry. 

PLC programming can sometimes feel like this mythical field that some people know and other people look at with wonder. This training is how you get there and become someone in the know. 

People who would benefit most are entry level automation technicians, experienced electricians, and anyone who wants to cross over from kind of like a skilled trade into a technical field.


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